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Ancestor Collage



Kelly People

Here are some profiles of people you know - or may not, but you will find out more about them!
If you are a Kelly person and have some shameless promotion to do, send me your stuff and I will put it up here. <>



Bernie Kelly Goulem

Bernie is having an art show on September 6, 2012 in Montreal:

Bernie Goulem art show

  Barb Barbara Murphy
- President of the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society

- Barb's 85th Birthday video - A Day in the Life
  Colin Murph's audition for Z'oinked TV show

Colin Murphy

Actor, musician, king of crazy.

view the Cow Manure video


  Dan Vrantsidis

Dan Vrantsidis

Dan plays in a band called the Blistercats. He is the lead singer and bass player. They play classic rock. Check out their website/Facebook page.



Denise Vrantsidis

Singer/Songwriter, Artist, Web Designer, Writer, Poet, blogger



One of my original songs:

Not Alone Lyrics to Not Alone (written for Alex Pace and family)




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Kelly People page

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Scrollbar is dedicated to the interests of the descendants of Eva and Tobias Kelly and Emmett and Dolly Kelly
(of the Kelly clan from Brechin, Ontario)

Last updated April 2, 2015