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2010 Kelly Family Reunion
June 18 - 20, 2010

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to the reunion

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near to the reunion site

Brian & Lynne Kelly
2568 Burnham Line
Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 6X8
Tel:   705-743-9908


The cost of the event is as follows:
Adults:     $ 40.00 each
Yutes (6-12):     $20.00 each
Yungun's (newborn-5 yrs): $5.00  each
Registration fees due April, 2010
to your family contact.


Further Details: 

 1. Let your family contact know if you are planning to attend.
    Provide the number of people from your family and
     on which day you plan to arrive (Fri or Sat).
This will help plan for food/drink requirements.
2.   Place your T-shirt requirements
Youths S M L XL
           Adult    S M L XL XXL         
When in doubt, order a larger size-(no changing sizes  once you get there)
3.  Provide a photo of your family and identify the members.
4.    Indicate is you are interested in playing golf on Friday.
5. Let your family contact know if you want to book some space for your tent at Brian and Lynne's.

6. Sorry, no pets allowed at the reunion.
7. Volunteers needed to prepare/serve food,
bring desserts/goodies.
Please indicate if you can do any of these.


The 2010 reunion will be at a lovely place in Peterborough,


with rolling hills,


a hottub, wild turkeys in a field with a golden lab chasing them,
farm fencing, port-a-potties, (no photos, sorry)


tug-o-war space,
room for some tents for camping onsite
and kids running around
and a spectacular view because it is all the way up at the top of the hill.

Camping will also be available at another lovely spot located nearby.

Here are some pictures of the lovely camping spot at a camping park nearby:

Beavermead Camping
- approximately 4 kms from Brian and Lynne's house –
good facilities right on a lake
1111 Asburnham Road
Reservations on line at





and here is a river nearby:


and here is the house that Brian and Lynne live in:


and here is the committee (I am taking the picture so I am not in it. Denise)


All the regular games will be played and more.

Everyone you know will be there - and more.

For questions, please email []

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Scrollbar is dedicated to the interests of the descendants of Eva and Tobias Kelly and Emmett and Dolly Kelly
(of the Kelly clan from Brechin, Ontario)

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