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There’s lots of space available for camping on our property which is obviously close to the action (not sure whether that’s a plus or not) however for those of you looking for an upgrade the following is a short list of a few of  those accommodations that are reasonably close to our place. See below alternate CAMPING facilities at Beavermead...

Holiday Inn – approx 8 km – downtown location
150 George Street North     Tel 743-1144

Best Western Otonabee Inn  -  approx 8 kms probably the best place
 84 Lansdowne Street East     Tel: 705-742-3454  /  1-800-528-1234

Motel 6 -  approx 7 kms – good value
133 Lansdowne Street East      Tel: 748-0550

Nite Owl Motel  –  approx 4 kms – very basic/clean but also closest
958 Hwy 7 East     Tel: 705-743-3504

Blue Jay Motel  –  approx 8 kms – very basic/clean a little further east
165 Hwy 7 East     Tel: 705-745-5205  /  1-888-745-5245

Down Rabbit Lane B&B   – approx 4 kms – very good reputation
222 Armour Rd     Tel: 705-742-2978

Burley’s Garden Suite and Kitchen  – approx 4 kms – very close
2604 Television Rd     Tel: 705-745-8322

Liftlock B&B  - approx 3 kms – two suites / right on canal
810 Canal Road     Tel 705-742-0110

This is a start as there are lots more hotels, motels and B&B’s in Peterborough and the surrounding area. If you have any questions or need any help (and I don’t mean setting up your tent) please contact us.

Brian & Lynne Kelly         
(Email   -  
Tel 705-743-9908)



Camping will also be available at another lovely spot located nearby.

Beavermead Camping
- approximately 4 kms from Brian and Lynne's house –
good facilities right on a lake
1111 Asburnham Road
Reservations on line at





and here is a river nearby:



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Scrollbar is dedicated to the interests of the descendants of Eva and Tobias Kelly and Emmett and Dolly Kelly
(of the Kelly clan from Brechin, Ontario)

Last updated April 2, 2015